2014 Family Portrait

My family and my inspiration in life and it takes several pictures to get them all together.

-- my son Joey and his wife Claudia and my grandchildren Athena, Orion, Phoenix, and Sirius

-- my son Louie and his wife Maria and my grandson, Tiberius II, with Boku and Lana;

-- and, my daughter Marissa and grandsons Ezra, Zeke and Josiah.

"Si se puede " -- Dolores Huertaor the latest version"Yes we Can" -- President Barak Obama.Presentations: Migrant Student by Greg;Our Greatest Assets by NinfaThere to Here by Anjelita

I was born in south Texas, 2nd of 10 children, we were raised in migrant-farm-worker family traveling all over the United States from Texas to Illinois and many other states. I am the proud grandmother of 8 and extremely proud of my children Joey, Louie and Marissa.

I earned my Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from Texas A&I in 1981; MBA Corporate Finance from the University of Denver in 1995; and my PhD in Business Administration/Finance from the University of Texas - San Antonio in 2013. I am currently a tenure-track professor at the University of North Texas.

My public service activity started at an early age and continues to this day. I have worked on projects with an emphasis on social and educational equality. I have also volunteered for the Texas Democratic Party in both Denton County and Bexar County.

My political activism began in San Antonio in Bexar County, where I was co-chair of the Bexar County Democratic Paryty (BCDP) finance committee, treasurer for the Bexar County Tejano Democrats, treasurer for National Organization for Women of San Antonio, Co-Founder of Proud Democrats of San Antonio and I served as a Precinct Chair. Currently, in Denton County, I previously served as precinct chair, Treasurer for Stonewall Democrats, VP for Latino Democrats, Secretary for Democratic Women and now I am a Chair of the Denton County Democratic Party.